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Search Enhancement

RadioCatch Web Radio Recorder provides a Google Searcher which helps you search the right content online faster and easier. You can select any text in your web browser and it appears in the search box for a quick Google search. Or you can just enter the text into the search box. You have the power to choose different searching categories to search video, websites and other cool stuff.

1. Highlight any text that you want to search in your browser (). Meanwhile, the selected text appears in the search box (). Then, Click "Search" to start a Google search ().

Highlight any text and start a google search

2. You can directly do a Google search without highlight the text. Just enter text you want to search into the search box () and click "Search" ().

Directly do a Google search

3. The third method is to click the down arrow next to the "Search" button () to activate "Google Search" window. Then, you can select a proper one from the window to do Video Search, News Search, Site Search, Image Search and more ().

Activate "Google Search" window to do a Google search