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RadioCatch Web Radio Recorder

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Search Radio Station

RadioCatch Web Radio Recorder gives you a powerful search ability to search the online radio stations you required. Thousands of radio-stations of every kind of music style you like from all over the world can be found and listened. You can even add your own station to the playlist if you have one.

1. Click the down arrow on the radio player () and select "Add and Edit Stations" from the dropdown list ().

Select "Add and Edit Stations"

2. A window is activated and you can enter the search keyword in the search box (). Then, click "Search" to find the stations you want (). If you simply want to find a station of a specific style, it also provides many music styles to choose, like Rap, Latin, Blues, Country, etc. ()

Enter the search keywords and find the stations you want

3. After you click "Search", a window of searching results pops up, with the names & URLs of the stations listed (). Choose one or more of them () and click "OK" () to add to the station list.

Add the station to the station list

4. It also allows you to add you own station by "Define Your Own Station" () & "Add Your Files" (). You are allowed to manage your station list: change the names, stream URLs, player types or remove any of them (). Then, click "OK" to add stations to your station list ().

Manage your station list

5. After you add stations to your station list, you are allowed to play them. Just click the down arrow on the radio player () and you will find them in the dropdown menu of "My Stations" ().

Play the added stations