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RadioCatch Web Radio Recorder

Editor's Reviews

SoftPedia™ Editor's Review

SoftPedia™ Editor's Review - Free & powerful

No matter what feature you might use in RadioCatch Web Radio Recorder, the GUI remains the same: sleek and intuitive, which really makes operation very pleasant. The icons - where present - are small and cozy, without too much detail, yet anyone can see and understand what they stand for.

PC World™ Editor's Choice

PC World™ Editor's Choice - Another cool recorder

RadioCatch Web Radio Recorder is some cool online radio player and more. We say cool because besides the well developed GUI and features, it has an exhausting list of over 1000 online stations you can listen to. This lovely piece of software not only gives you the possibility to listen to whatever kind of music you want to, but it allows you to save your favorite tracks by recording them in MP3 as well as WMA/WAV/OGG. What can be easier? Users are allowed to search for stations of favorite music style.

FamousWhy™ Editor's Pick

FamousWhy™ Editor's Pick - Simple for any user

The best thing about the RadioCatch Web Radio Recorder is that it is oriented towards an easy use and it's capable to administrate a large amount of different tasks with the same ability, while ensuring the user a quick and trouble-free experience. Besides the radio-component, the RadioCatch Web Radio Recorder offers much more and this can only be great.

Downloadaz Editor's Pick

Downloadaz™ Editor's Pick - Excellent

RadioCatch Web Radio Recorder supports majority of modern sound cards that are multi channel/professional/external USB sound cards. It's very decent software, whose basic purpose is nicely completed by additional features, which make of it a really good program and a truly useful tool for home use.

User's Reviews

I need to digitize and store music files which are on cassettes... I am also going to digitize many old tapes that I recorded years ago... I want to have the tapes in digital form on CDs... I tried about 5 other audio copying programs and found them lacking. Your program fit my needs perfectly.

Braxton Clanton

Downloaded RadioCatch Web Radio Recorder with the intention of recording short warm-ups for my band program that was in a non-downloadable format. I fell in love with the ease of operation of RadioCatch Web Radio Recorder. It helps me record anything that passes through your sound card. I have found it to be an invaluable teaching tool, and an incredible tool for sharing my own compositions with others.

Daniel S. Melbourne

Finally a product that is simplistic enough and works! I was looking for a program to do what I needed to do and this product exceeded my expectations. This is how software ought to be. I love the features of watching TV programs and listening radio stations online. Yes!

Roland Prinsen

Best of all audio recording software! Great for recording online radio translations and Skype call conversations. What's more, I can record my MIDI studio playing my compositions real time, and therefore do not rely on the quality of someone else's soundcard as a determining factor. Congratulations on a great product and 100% free! That combination is exceptionally rare, particularly in the music business.

Gene Waldron

I have compared several products of audio recording and your design/and functions are very convincing. It really works for me. It is easy, fun, powerful, just plain awesome! I want to record music for a CD, and this program makes it so easy! I recommend it for anyone who wants to record music for CDs!

George Owens

Your program is fabulous... I love the fact that it is so easy to use. Keep up the good work. Hope to see other programs in the future. I'll recommend your product to all of my friends. It's been well worth the download to have such a quality product with great service! Thanks again...

Kenneth Wilson

This is a very robust recorder. I can not think of a feature that is not included. The user interface is very good (my opinion) and has been finger friendly long before the iPod made the 'finger-friendly interface' so popular. It is very user friendly, and customizable.

Tom Nelson

I use this primarily to record phone calls. As mentioned in a previous review, the voice of the person you are speaking to is recorded with a volume that is too low when recorded. However, if you place the conversation on speakerphone and then record it, it works wonderfully!

Bernd Gravis

I tried all the other products, including the products saying they are the best, and have to say: RadioCatch Web Radio Recorder is by far the best product. The Voice Activation System works fine and the idea of the tags is really cool! The only feature I am missing is to cut or insert voice on a recording, but I am sure, that this feature will come soon...

John Anderson

This program, in my opinion, is much better than the alternatives that I found. It is easy to use, and has a one-touch record option that is really one touch from any screen. You do not have to have the program already open to use the one touch record button. It is very user friendly, and customizable. Good choice.

Brian Dalton

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The software comes with instructions and usage examples to help beginners to learn the program and its functionalities quickly.