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Advantages of Web Radio

There are numerous ways in listening to your music without purchasing a CD anymore. Everything from terrestrial to the newly fostered satellite radio offers users an extensive range of music around. However, if your want the best and widest coverage of music available, then online music radio station is the way to go. In cooperation with the advancement of our technology, listening to the radio online allows users to listen to various music via their computers.

Suggestions on Promoting Your Web Radio/TV Station

It is important to actively promote your online broadcast station so the listening/viewing audience can be increased. Without any promotional effort, the audience potential will be negligible. You must consider a variety of concepts to consider for promoting an online broadcast station. Here we provide some suggestions on promoting web radio/TV station.

Acoustic Guitar Recording Tips

By far the most crucial aspect of recording acoustic guitars well is the microphones used to record them. For instance a dynamic vocal mic will neither be sensitive enough to handle the instrument's relatively small volume, nor able to cope with the fretboard's entire frequency range. Go for a good quality capacitor (condenser) microphone every time.

Things to Consider about Noise Reduction

Hums, clicks, rustles, chirps, shuffles and creaks. Just a few of the sounds that your recordings could well do without. Here we provide some tips on noise reduction. Some of the following tips should already be a part of your normal working methodology. However, even if you only learn one new trick, it will have made reading this article a worthwhile investment of your time.